´ DTR 8500

DTR 8500

The DTR 8500 is a portable, sturdy and lightweight digital transformer ratiometer, designed for onsite testing of power, voltage and current transformers.  Operation of the DTR 8500 is fully automatic.  Calibration, range selection, hand-start or tedious adjustment is unnecessary.

During each test cycle, the DTR automatically checks:
  H/X lead reversal,
  continuity of circuits/windings tested,
  short-circuit conditions (high current).

Upon completion of a test cycle, the DTR 8500 displays:
  The transformation ratio – the ratio of the primary to the secondary voltage at the transformer terminals resulting from the test.

Test current – test current in RMS in the H winding resulting from the test during negligible loading of the associated X winding.

Polarity – Indicates the polarity (phase) of  X in relation to H.

 The transformation ratio, test current and polarity are useful parameters for diagnosing and predicting various faults that may occur in power, voltage and current transformers.
The DTR 8500 displays the following messages:
  Incorrect lead connections
  H/X reversal (incorrect primary and secondary circuit connection, causing voltage set-up)
  Short-circuit (excess test current)
  Open circuits
  Circuit continuity
  Low batter


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